Exchange:. Group exhibition and art swap.
Gatakers Artspace, QLD in November 2011


Net Work: the TLF exhibition 
at the Art Gallery of Ballarat


11th December 2010 - 30th January 2011




Satellite Art Fair
August 5-8

NOTFAIR Founded by Melbourne-based artists Sam Leach and Tony Lloyd with writer Ashley Crawford, NotFair will present the work of over 30 currently practising artists who for whatever reason have yet to gain the attention they deserve.

"We' re looking for artists who in some sense have been undervalued," explains Leach, "whether that's because they haven't had the economic support that they deserve, or the critical support they deserve, or maybe it 's just that their work hasn't been seen by as many people as should see it ... It's going to be artists who are not necessarily widely known on the mainstream art scene, but are artists who are nevertheless producing really top rate work "

Read a brief interview with Vito Manfredi and see the full list of the participating artists on the NOTFAIR website

THE ARTISTS' FAIR, by Jane Sullivan page 92-93


Unofficial art rivals the real-deal show, RAYMOND GILL March 25, 2010, The Age Newspaper

Vito Manfredi - Sculpture,
plus selected investment paintings and gallery artists works
8 - 27 January 2008


Vito Manfredi
4th July - 28th July 2007


"We Love You"
Vito Manfredi
1st November - 25th November 2006
Esa Jaske Gallery


"Big Drawings in a Small Room"
Vito Manfredi
GALLERY twenty-four / BERLIN
Krossener Strasse 34, 10245 Berlin Germany